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History Center for Aransas County

Friends of the History Center Committees
(as of 22-February-2016)

Executive: The executive committee, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, shall promote the vision of FHC by active oversight and review of activities and operations.
Finance/ budget:  The finance and budget committee shall be concerned with all matters relating to fiscal responsibilities. It will submit a budget for approval by the board. The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December.
Development: The development committee shall determine financial needs for the History Center and submit a plan for funding to the board. (includes membership, grants, fund-raising, etc.)
Facility: The facility committee shall oversee property management including building maintenance, security, grounds and utilities. It shall develop and implement a hurricane preparedness and disaster recovery plan.
Collections: The collections committee shall work with historical institutions to manage artifacts and collections offered to the Friends. From the Collections Policy for HCAC: The History Center for Aransas County will acquire, record, and preserve items, either objects or documents, pertaining to Aransas County history and prehistory.
If you have objects or documents that you would like to donate to the History Center, please contact the chair of the Collections Committee.
Education/ exhibits: The education/ exhibits committee shall develop exhibits, tours and events (programs) related to Aransas County history.

AD HOC Committees
Operations: Develop a manual for operating procedures; oversee staffing of Center (volunteers)
Rockport-Fulton Tour for Historic Homes: Plan and execute tour each year in December. It is a major fund-raiser.
Fund- Raising: Develop plan for fund-raising to support the History Center.
Policy re partnerships: Develop MOU with groups interested in local history.

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