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History Center for Aransas County

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Updated 28-January-2017

Quarterly reports are submitted to the Aransas County Commisioners' Court.  Current and past reports are available here.

Past Quarterly Reports

Report for May, June and July 2017

Quarterly Report for Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec, 2017

Welcome, Judge Dupnik

2017 q4 1

The Friends were happy to welcome Judge Diane Dupnik to the History Center to carry on
important county work. Dupnik sits behind a table from the 1871 Courthouse in photo

“Best Tour Yet”
Declared a visitor of the 10th Annual RF Tour of Historic Homes. Over 100 docents hosted almost 400 visitors, who attended the 2-day Tour. Sunday’s visitors included:
• 50% from Rockport
• 20% from Texas nearby
• 20% from Texas distant
• 10% Winter Texans

2017 q4 2

Home owners: Barnard, O’Malley, Daniel, Pfister, Marbach and Gimbler (Fulton) are given a generous thank you for assisting the Friends of the History Center and Aransas County for this successful tour, the annual major fund-raiser. An Appreciation Party will be held in January, 2018.

Hummingbird Plant Give-Away
Fran Pontasch, a former Rockport resi-dent who works with TAMU Agri-life in College Station, contacted Carla Rinche, FHC Board Member. Fran brought hummingbird plants to the History Center to be given to the residents of Aransas County on Oct.14. By 9:20 am, the plants were on their way to add sunshine to the yards of the county’s residents.

2017 q4 3

Humanity Texas Awards FHC Harvey Recovery Grant

Humanities TX, the State affiliate of the National Endowment of the Humanities, awarded a grant to assist with the Revitalization of Doc’s Herb Garden, lost revenue, professional consultant’s fees, curation supplies. Revitalization of the gardens was completed by FHC Volunteers.

New Retail Offerings
• Melissa Cosby Pina has given the rights to some of Charlie “PoPo” Cosby’s images. Those have been printed notecards and postcards for sale at 5 notecards for $10 or $2 each for postcards. Farley hummingbirds and Lisa Kaye’s butterfly notecards are also available 5 for $10.
• Pat Garland, TMN, wrote a book about the herbs in Doc’s Herb Garden. It has been published and is for sale at $15 each.

2017 q4 4

• Books for sale include: “Aransas”, “Taking the Tide”, “30 Years Through the News/Lens” & “Aransas County in Postcards”. Please call Vickie at 361/205-1430 to purchase before Christmas. Proceeds will fund scholarships for ACISD seniors.

Funds for Kids Care at Good Samaritans
Friends of Lloyd Mathews, FHC Board Member, recently contributed over $5,000 to the FHC Education Fund. These moneys will be awarded to help children in need.

Permanent Exhibit being planned
Resources from grants have been earmarked for a permanent exhibit illustrating the development of Aransas County, one of the objectives of the 5-Year Strategic Plan. While the completion date is unknown, the FHC Board is continuing to work on this project. Temporary exhibits will be used along with the permanent exhibit. Museworks will be addressing the FHC Board Members and other interested stakeholders on Friday, Dec. 15. If interested in attending, please call Vickie.

Other Activities
• Tentative 2018 Exhibits will include: Foodways: Culinary Traditions of Aransas County, Salute to AC Military, The Barrier Islands, and Archeology.
• Continuing to seek privately funded grants.

Honoring FHC Board Members
The FHC Board wishes to thank those board members, who have guided & implemented the founding of The History Center for Aransas County: Lucretia Wright Jones, Linda Garcia Haynes, Jackie Shaw, and Janet Taylor. Without their vision and arduous work, the HC would not be where it is today.



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