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History Center for Aransas County

Exhibit - May 2014

Updated: 18-August-2014

In the main gallery an exhibit features three prominent men who owned the house. Their stories are told with standups, family trees and posters of the era that each represents.

See an overview of each display installed in May 2014:
Albert Bruhl 1880-1920;
Preston Paul 1920-1970; and
Chester Johnson 1970-2000.


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The front gallery holds a display of artifacts from the collection at the History Center.  Historic objects are compared to modern versions of the same, hence the title "Then and Now."

See an overview of the gallery with several artifacts highlighted:
Coffee mill from the Soreson Mercantile; andirons from Simon Sorenson's home; a clock owned by Gladys Bruhl Gibson; a chair from the old courthouse; a baby buggy from the 1800s.



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